Museum Mounts Design · Fabrication · Installation

We are Cubic

Founded in 2008, we are a highly specialized museum mount-making company that started out small. Thanks to our commitment and love for this trade, we have grown into a company with worldwide prestige. 

Our mission is the exhibition of unique objects with specific conservation needs, and our goal is to make them shine. We are mount makers.

Quality, extensive knowledge of the museum sector, accumulated experience and flexibility to handle all kinds of projects are our main assets.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to focus on the smallest details without compromising the overarching vision. The diversity of our projects propels us into an ongoing cycle of research and development, continuously striving for the highest quality standards while choosing from an array of materials to achieve optimal results.

We have gathered a reputation for fostering close working relationships with our clients, while delivering excellence, generating trust, and offering undivided attention from the project’s inception to its completion.